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400 Tips for Antique Dealers
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, thoughtful and informative, December 11, 2013
By Melissa Sands

As a dealer who really didn't think I could learn anything new that might help me make money, I'm happy to say I did! Got great tips, things I did know but had pushed to the back of my mind and needed to be brought back front and center. The layout section was my favorite I have such a difficult time laying out a good booth and I'll be carrying this little book with me next time so I can try some things. I'm also a show promoter and the info was logical and to the point applies to just about every dealer and she does share many things most dealers don't discuss. I related and finished feeling motivated. If you follow even 10 of these tips it could change how you do business. I wish I could buy one for all the dealers I know!

5.0 out of 5 stars total surprise, February 11, 2014
By Larry A. Waimon

I purchased this for my antique-loving wife, this after noticing the author's name whose prior "writes" I seem to gravitate towards; (am a HUGE "Somewhere in Time" fan!). Started glancing through and surprisingly, wound up reading the entire book before my wife! I'm a retired cop and have taught "Safety/Security" techniques for 40 years. Oddly enough, several of her tips furnished me with notions even "I" never considered; (what good is making money at antique venues if someone is so willing to steal your cash and harm you in the process?). This book offers substantive interdiction in this respect, AND, for sure, really amplifies hundreds of useful
tips for antique dealers wishing to succeed with their venture. I never could have imagined how much psychology and actual engineering is required to both create an "enticing" display and effectively SELL one's offerings... Here's a book, (actually a template), that would surely benefit "anyone" wishing to hone their retail sales skills....Truly an absorbing read!

5.0 out of 5 stars An absolute gem, January 2, 2014
By Peter Knight

Having read various books on the many things to consider in antique dealing both buying and selling, this trulyis the most comprehensive book I have read on the subject. Not only very informative it covers little things that get forgotten so easily like vehicle parking, stall or stand layout, attitude to potential customers etc. I could write more and more but if you can get a copy it will repay you many times over.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Read!, September 12, 2013
By RoCo

Even if you're not an antique dealer, you'll find this book extremely interesting. It's very well written and so informative. Through these 400 tips, Jo has shared her expert knowledge over many years of being an antique dealer, even giving safety tips that I found very valuable. This jewel of a book is well worth the price!

5.0 out of 5 stars Practical business sense, September 8, 2013

Jo Addie's 400 Tips for Antique Dealers is a great read for any business person. More than antique dealers can benefit from her sage insights on creating positive relationships with clients. She really focuses on the mindset of running not just a successful business but an enjoyable one, weaving in wonderful anecdotal experiences. Her book is informative and very entertaining. I highly recommend it.

5.0 out of 5 stars "Sage Old advice", June 25, 2013
By baritone singer

Although I am not an antique dealer myself, after reading this book, I feel that should I decide to enter into that field, I would be well equipped to do so. Even folks who frequently get involved in trade shows, as I used to for another profession, would gain valuable insights, especially about displaying, lighting and visual appeal. It is also refreshing to see that Jo Addie has a strong sense of ethics.

When I read the title, I never believed there could possibly be 400 tips but true to the title, there were. Her writing is excellent, easy to follow and is sprinkled with a generous dose of humor . I would recommend this book to anyone in the antique business and anyone who gets involved with any form of booth displays for any profession. If only one or two tips are helpful, it is well worth the purchase.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great guidebook paying for itself, April 17, 2013
By Rusty Goldberg

I really enjoyed "400 Tips for Antique Dealers". It brings out superior ways to doing everything, and as the author describes, being a dealer of antiques today is nothing like it was years ago. I agree with her, we have to do everything better, smarter. I'm glad I read it and I learned plenty of tips to help me earn more income, which I am using already. I plan to keep it as a reference guidebook. I recommend it to anyone who thinks they 'know it all' and have no need to learn more. I'll also be recommending it to fellow dealers who are complaining about their bottom line.

5.0 out of 5 stars Surprising, interesting, ... and funny, too!, March 27, 2013
By Vincent (Florida)

As a voracious reader of nearly exclusively fiction books, I read "400 Tips for Antique Dealers." It is one of the few "how to" books that I have read in recent years, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. It gave me quite an insight into the world of antique dealers and collectors. It was very eye-opening to read about the special challenges of this line of work--all aspects related to it--and the sense of fulfillment that it also offers. I'm amazed that there are genuinely 400 credible tips and pieces of advice for this interesting occupation.

Jo Addie is a veteran of nearly 3 decades in the business of antiques marketing. She has accumulated knowledge and insights that she shares in this book, which is informative and also funny in parts. I laughed out loud a number of times. What else could you ask from a book?

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read!, March 22, 2013
By Dr. Karen Moriarty

Who would ever guess that there are 400 essential tips for antique dealers? Amazing! I really enjoyed this book because of its practical, common-sense, and often funny pieces of advice for individuals who are antique dealers or potential dealers.

The author, Jo Addie, is a seasoned veteran antique dealer who has traveled the country for decades, "learning the ropes" of her business. She's been a collector and published writer for many years; this combination of experience and skills has led to this interesting and educational "how-to" book. The wide-ranging topics that are covered include ethics & policy, safety & theft issues, display priorities and techniques, travel tips, and buying & selling strategies. Jo also offers compelling advice for show promoters and shop managers in this meaty book. From the importance of lighting in displays to practical advice on how to prevent theft of precious items, "400 Tips for Antique Dealers" is a must-read for people in this line of work ... or for those who aspire to enter into it. In fact, her advice well applies to anyone who participates in setting up temporary displays, including art and craft fairs. I challenge the reader to come up with the 401st tip!